March something…

We are some really tough times right now. Not just me and the girls but basically the whole world. Seriously. It’s just a mess. Someday I hope when I look back at this I see a time when we all came together to fight something that is trying to be bigger than us, yeah, this darn Coronavirus, known as Covid 19. People don’t seem to be getting the whole social distancing thing. What we’re supposed to be doing: Staying HOME. Going out ONLY when necessary. Wash basically everything within sight as often as possible.

I’ll have to do another update on my career situation, but for the moment, I’m a first-year teacher and now I have to do it from home. What was going to be 2 weeks, is now about 6 weeks at least if not longer. My contract is not being renewed so I also have to look for another job. I’m not sure what is worse, trying to do this from home, knowing I don’t have a job at the end of the year, or if I were actually in school trying to finish out the year. Today I’m trying to lesson plan for next week (which I should be doing instead of this) but I’m having an awful time trying to motivate myself.

It’s weird, I’ve never had a problem with being by myself. Alone time has never bothered me. I’m not really alone right now, I have the girls. (Unlike many people right now who really DON’T have anybody with them, I feel awful for them!) but right now this is HARD! It’s totally different when you are not ALLOWED to go out and be with people vs. choosing not to. I have never wanted to hug a stranger more than I do right now. Does that sound weird?

We’ve been in this “Stay at home” mode for about 2 weeks now. Originally we were going back to school on Monday (April 6) but that got changed by the Governor last week to May 4. Maybe. It could be longer. Some schools across the country have canceled school for the rest of the year. Many have a different schedule than we do and that’s part of it but its still strange. This year is supposed to be the girls’ 8th-grade graduation and all that goes with it: a class trip to Canobie Lake Park, a graduation breakfast, their 8th-grade formal dance. They may not get any of it. All the high school and college seniors who are losing out on their final year activities.

Who knew when word first got out about this virus. It started in China and we were mildly horrified to hear about it. Wow, glad that’s not happening to US! Guess what? It did and it is. Seriously, badly!

Sigh… I need to get to work. Bye for now.