Gotta love this time of year

This time of year is tough for everybody. The holidays are over, and winter is settling in. We still have to make it through February, most of us hoping for maybe ONE snowstorm but beyond that, nope, we’re good. Come on if you live in New England you really need to have SOME snow! ahh, but also what comes at this time of year is all the illnesses. In my house, it usually rotates from year to year with only one of the three of us getting something. Not this year, we went for a twofer! Ryleigh got strep and I’m not exactly sure what I had but it was bad!

After R was diagnosed with Strep, I decided I better call my doctor (I have to be careful because of my Chronic Bronchitis). I had been feeling a little off for a week or so but just couldn’t put my finger on it, nothing I could call anyone about. My doctor suspected pneumonia but a chest x-ray ruled that out. That night, though, some freight train came through and slammed into me full-on! Wow, I was down for the count for the next two days in bed, fever, cough, fatigue. Probably a combination of Flu and Strep. I missed classes all week because of it. Luckily it’s only two classes and it’s still early on, so I didn’t miss too much and will be able to catch up.

I’m feeling better now, but this darn cough will end up hanging on for awhile. Usually it can last a month or more, but I’m hoping because I got on antibiotics so quickly that maybe it will be better this time. When I was able to get up and clean the kitchen, Iknew the worst was over. (Sad huh?) The girls hate it when I’m sick, but I hate it when they’re sick too. You never like to see someone you love hurting in any way.

It’s quiet in here this morning. The girls are at Daddy’s, they’ll be home later. The house is realtively clean, which is nice. I put Dixie out this morning and she’s limping. Something is wrong with her back leg. She didn’t cry when I touched it, so I’m thinking that maybe she pulled something, she doesn’t seem to be in pain. She’s getting older though, she’s almost 9. I haven’t been able to bring her to the vet like I should but I think I really need to now. Many years ago, we had a Doberman, and when she was getting to the end, we knew it was close. One day, she collapsed and it was awful, the look in her eyes as she looked at me, I could see she was so scared. It turns out she had cancer and it was all over her body. The best thing we could do for her was to let her go and not be in pain anymore. I just read that cancer is very common in Boxers and it’s one of the leading causes of death. I really hope it doesn’t happen to her.

I’ve been worried about what I’ll do with Dixie when it come time for us to move. She’s not fixed so I can’t bring her to the apartment complex. I could get her fixed but at her age, it seems a little unneccesary. John had said he would take her, but I’m not sure that he meant permanently and even if he did, she is getting older and now is when she could potentially start getting more expensive. I have a lot of thinking to do. I guess the first thing I need to do is find a vet and get her checked out.

The sun is out today. Two years ago we had just had the first of many blizzards that winter. Snowmageddon 2015. Almost 106″ of snow that year. Think about that: that’s almost 9 feet of snow! I got into a car accident and my Camry got totaled. That sucked. It sucked even more when they said *I* was at fault! I fought it though and luckily I won and it was reversed. Talk about serious anxiety that winter, just constant snow for almost two months, driving was awful, the streets were not plowed well and there was nt a lot of wiggle room anywhere. My street was literally ONE car wide for awhile. The state had to have the National Guard come in and help do cleanup! One night I listened to front end loaders all night and the next morning the street was once again two cars wide. Still not ideal, we had HUGE snowbanks and it was really hard to see to get in and out of the driveway. I thought I would have snow in the yard till August that year! (I didn’t, but it lasted quite awhile! I think the last smnall snowpile went away in late May?)

Luckily so far this winter, it’s been much milder. We got through January (almost, 2 days left with no snow forecasted right now), then it’s just February to get through. I’m slowly clearing out the house of all the extra STUFF, I have two classes to finish until graduation and I need to start talking to realtors about the house. It’s getting there, it’s all coming together.

Author: Mytwingirlz

I'm a mom first and foremost. I'm also a daughter, a student and a career woman. I'm a good friend and my life just keeps growing, changing and getting better.

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